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February 2007

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MAN A69 - 18.240 / East Lancs Kinetec Demonstrator


Demonstrator CU56 AVP entered service with Reading Transport on route 500 yesterday. The vehicle has a MAN Euro 4 engine which uses EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) technology to meet the latest emission standards. Unlike SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology EGR engines don't require any additional additives, and therefore all of the problems associated with handling them and their infrastructure are avoided. The MAN will be compared closely to the recent Euro 4 Scania OmniCitys at Reading and Newbury which utilise the same type of technology.

600 on 23 February 2007 (76306 bytes)

Given temporary fleet number 600, CU56 AVP is seen today at Loddon Bridge outside the Showcase Cinema.

600 on 23 February 2007 (77979 bytes)

A nearside view taken in Minster Street today.

CU56 AVP on 17 January 2007 (79100 bytes)

The vehicle recently spent a period on loan to Thamesdown Transport who have a batch of Scania L94UB / Wright Solars very similar to Reading's. It is seen above in Fleming Way on its first day in service there on 17th January 2007. Thanks to Stuart Curwen for this photo.

The vehicle is expected to spend some time at Newbury before departing.

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