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December 2011

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  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 1015-19 have been sold to Rossendale Transport, departing on 19th. 125 is officially on long term loan to Weavaway pending final completion of the sale, but it not expected to return to Reading except for contracted maintenance. 151-6 are expected at the rate of two a week from late January. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport Dart SLFs: 607-9 were all sold by the leasing company to Ensignbus (dealer) in November before 608/9 passed straight to Central Buses.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: T806 RFG entered service on approx 19th and is numbered 915. Thanks to James Cusworth for this. T809 RFG has also transferred in from storage at Oxford Bus Company (ex Brighton & Hove) and is thought to be numbered 917. Thanks to John Hammond for this. This would indicate that T807 RFG will logically become 916 with one of the fleets.
  • Stewarts of Mortimer Fleet List: A new Irizar i6 integral with DAF engine is on order for delivery shortly. Thanks to Coach and Bus week magazine for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: The route branding for route S4 was applied to 36452-4 a Thursday later than the previous report stated, on 22nd. Withdrawn 31353 appears to have seen use in Banbury a few days after the stated withdrawal date, but no further details are known.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: Rugby 20213 has been withdrawn with accident damage, with Stratford 20221 transferred to Rugby in its place. 16691 has transferred to Rugby from Northampton following 16697 a few days prior, but 16697 was withdrawn for disposal after a couple of days. Thanks to Keith Wood for this.


  • Fleet Buzz Fleet List: Stagecoach national fleet numbers added following the takeover of this company on 1 December. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this. It would appear that buses 2, 71 and 73 and vans R895 WKE and RF09 BWB had been sold prior to acquisition.
  • Horseman Coaches Fleet List: YN09 HRG wears a black livery with gold lettering. Thanks to Wayne for this. Contrary to the previous report, the three remaining Plaxton Cheetahs were delivered by 11th November and will enter service in 2012. Thanks to Bus Fare magazine for correcting their report.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: Stagecoach Gold 15752-62 have received branding for route S5, apart from 15754 which has generic Stagecoach Gold Oxford branding for use on any Stagecoach Gold route. 15752-5 entered service on 16th, with the rest to remain in reserve until 15th January. 15441-3 have now all lost their route S5 branding, and 18198 has lost its route S5 branding. 36454 arrived in Banbury on 12th, and is likely to have entered service on 13th. Three, thought to be 36452-4 were branded for route S4 on 15th.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 16786 has been repainted, and was back in Stratford ready for service by 4th. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. 17694 has transferred from Kettering to Leamington, and 18402 from Northampton to Leamington (in addition to 18400/1). Leamington 16489, 16598/9 have gone into reserve following the arrival of the Tridents and 16483 has transferred from Leamington to Stratford. Stratford 16768 has been withdrawn for disposal. Rugby 16729 has gone into reserve. Withdrawn 16600 and 33355 have been sold to Hardwick (dealer). Megabus 52567/657/659 have gone on loan to Cwmbran and 52647/49/58 to Newcastle whilst 53643-5 have now entered service.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: Buyers have now been found for 1015-9, whilst 125 has been sold to Weavaway Travel for use on route 6/6A following a period on loan there.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 36448/53/55 entered service on 7th, and 36449/50/52 by today. 31331, 31852 and 31854 were withdrawn on 6th and moved to Oxford on 7th pending disposal. 36449 arrived in Banbury on 8th in exchange for 31320 withdrawn and stored at Oxford. 36450 arrived on 9th and 36451 had arrived by today with only 36454 to follow. 31319 and 31853 were withdrawn on 9th and 31353 today, these will be stored at Banbury pending disposal. Thanks to Martin Townsend and Steve Buckley for this.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 53639/41/42 arrived by 3rd. Thanks to Antony Shaw for this. 53645 appeared to be on delivery on 6th. Thanks to Paul for this. 18400/1 have transferred from Northampton to Leamington. Rugby 36207 and Nuneaton 36174/6 went on loan from to Northampton on 6th to cover for a vandalism attack, 36207 returning by 7th but 36174/6 still present on 7th. Thanks to Steve Buckley for this.


  • News Page: Free Purley Shuttle with photos of 109 and 846. Thanks to James Cusworth for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 33651 went on loan from Oxford to Banbury on 1st or 2nd returning today. 33653 did likewise on 30th to cover a roadworks shuttle on route S4 from 1st until 3rd. 36455 arrived at Banbury today, having been the unidentified vehicle that was delivered by 1st. Two or three of the E200s are expected to enter service on route S4 tomorrow. At least one further example was delivered to Oxford today. Once all have entered service 31319/20/31/53 & 31852-4 will be withdrawn for disposal and 33822 will go into reserve. Meanwhile 18399 and an unidentified Scania have lost their branding for route S5 in preparation for the entry into service of the new Gold Scanias.


  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: New for the Airline are Scania K360EB / Plaxton Panther SE numbers 1-18 registered AF-HF, JF-MF, OF, PF, RF-UF61 OXF, which are expected to enter service during December. 1-5 were renumbered 42-46 over night on 29th-30th.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 15758/9 has arrived by 30th, completing the batch. Two Enviro200s remain to be delivered. 36451 moved to Banbury today to commence type training, with three expected to enter service on the S4 towards the end of next week, and the rest on route 500 soon after.

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