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September 2011

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  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 231 was delivered on 27th and is SN61 BDO. 820/1/3/6 are to be withdrawn following service tomorrow. 1110-4 will be branded for Thames Valley Park for launch on 10 October. The new Wright Streetlites will be fleet numbers 151-6 and wear a lime green livery. 1104 returned to service from repaint into pink on 26th.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 33650 returned to Oxford from loan to Banbury on 24th, and 33653 transferred from Banbury to Oxford on 27th. Thanks to Martin Townsend for this. 34436 entered service in Banbury on 27th and 34437 on 28th. 33655 will remain allocated to Banbury until November to provide additional cover for roadworks, whilst reserve 33821/2 are now allocated to Banbury as active vehicles as well. Oxford's loaned 15440 returned from Witney on 27th following completion of the Enviro400 modification works, with 80016 withdrawn from Oxford by 23rd pending return to Alexander Dennis. South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach FJ60 HYV was returned off loan today with 59211 to return to service.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 28502-4 are now with Johnsons Coaches. Thanks to Martin Townsend for this.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 1108 had returned to service in silver/grey by 21st. 213 received Claret Routes branding by 23rd. Thanks to Martin for this. SN61BCZ/BDE were noted on the M6 in Cheshire on 21st on delivery. Thanks to Dave H for this. SN61 BDF was delivered on 23rd.
  • Reading Transport Optare Spectras: New photo for former 724 with Norfolk Green added. Thanks to John Wheeler for this.
  • Reading Transport Scania OmniDekkas: New photo of former 811 with Stephensons added. Thanks to David Smith for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 41763 arrived on loan from London to Slough on 6th. 64002 entered service by approx 20th. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this. 41336 was a permanent transfer in March rather than a loan. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet Fleet: Two new Bova Futuras are due imminently. Thanks to Richard Sharman for this. A number of vehicles are now out stationed at Reading Buses, Great Knollys Street depot each night since the start of September. Vehicles on Jet Black route 1 are also cycled for washing at Great Knollys Street during the day, with 1207-9 covering trips on the 1.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 16492 has transferred from reserve at Kettering to service at Leamington whilst 16515 has been withdrawn. Leamington reserve 16680 has transferred to Rugby, reserve 20224 has been reinstated and reserve 33322 has transferred to Corby. Rugby 34123 has transferred to Corby. Leamington 47010 has gone into reserve and Nuneaton 47015 and 47069 transferred to Kettering. Nuneaton 28502/5 were returned to Warwickshire County Council in August. New are company cars 95319/20 replacing 90782. 95178 left the fleet in 2009 having been replaced by 95214.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 1108 was at Hants & Dorset trim for repaint by 14th. Thanks to Steve Wickens for this. 1105 returned to service in pink by 16th. Thanks to Martin for this. 1104 was the last vehicle to wear the ex-ethanol route 17 livery, and is also now away for repaint. 610 gained new 'Community Link' branding on its former Newbury Buses livery by 13th for use on routes 18, 28 and 82A.
  • Reading Transport Dennis Dart SLFs: New photo of 610 with Community Link branding added
  • Reading Transport Scania OmniCity Double Deckers: New photo of 1109 in fully branded generic livery added. 1110-4 remain unbranded pending use on Thames Valley Park from 10th October.
  • Reading Transport Enviro 400Hs: New photo of 209 added. Claret Routes branding is being added to some of 210-8 this weekend.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: New photos of rears on 202 and 844 added
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 33651 returned to Oxford on 14th. 33650 went on loan from Oxford to Banbury today. Thanks to Martin Townsend for this. 34436/7 arrived in Oxford from Stagecoach East on 15th for preparation for use in Banbury following the addition of route 200 earlier in the month.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 34642 and 47011 have new MegaRears for Wildmoor Spa. Thanks to Martin Townsend for this.



  • News Page: Thames Travel Inherit Tridents with photos of 107 and  R9 OXF. Thanks to Dale Scutter and Graham Low for these.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 223 SN61 BCO arrived on 7th and 224 SN61 BCU arrived on 8th, with more expected on 9th followed by a two week gap. 222 is confirmed as SN61 BAV. 1106 has returned to service following repaint into pink.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: R9 OXF entered service by 8th following its arrival in June. Thanks to Steve Annells for this.


  • News Page: Purple 17 Preview with photo of 220
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: A further E400H, most likely 222, arrived today registered SN61 BAV. 1017 appears to have been reinstated from reserve.
  • Reading Transport Scania OmniCity Double Deckers: 1102 has returned from repaint into pink and 1113 into silver/grey generic livery, and were back in service today. Thanks to John and Martin for this. Former 599 has gone on loan from Stephensons to Norfolk Green as their 701 to cover additional college contracts, arriving there on 31st August.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: 202 and 844 have new MegaRears for Just Tiles. Thanks to Brian Coney and John for this.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: T107 BBW is in use from Oxford Bus Company in debranded Oxford Park & Ride livery with Thames Travel fleet names. In addition Scania OmniCtiy Double Decker YT11 LSD has been in use in London red, possibly in connection with the Wallingford Bunk Fest.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 22054 lost its MegaRear for Cotswold Wildlife Park in favour of fleet livery just before 26th August.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: One of the first of the Purple 17 Enviro400Hs was ready at the Falkirk factory on 30th August registered SN61 BAO. Thanks to Trident magazine for this. It was also at the Leyland staging post today along with SN61 BAU. Thanks to Jonathan Graham for this. A third also at Leyland today was SN61 BAA with BAA/O/U being 219-21. Thanks to Gregg Collins for this. 830 has now left for Go South Coast, being noted at Hants & Dorset trim for repaint on 31st August. Thanks to Mike for this. 831/3 have also departed and were in service in Southampton on 2nd. Thanks to Eddie for this. 833 was later at Hants & Dorset trim for repaint. Thanks to Wayne Rodwell for this. 834 remains in service. 125 and 607-9 were withdrawn following service on 27th, and at least 125 and 609 are now stored at Reading pending disposal.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 59211 has returned from loan to London (along with 22764 which was also there) and will allow FJ60 HYV to return to South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: Rugby 34495 and 35218 transferred to Northampton today. 36209/10 have received branding for route 96. Thanks to Steve Buckley for this. Meanwhile 47038 transferred from Corby to Rugby on 28th and 47039/42/43 on 2nd for use on new route 12 form 3rd, and ‎Leamington reserve 16677 & Kettering reserve 16685 have been transferred to Rugby for additional school contracts. Thanks to Simon Langley for this.

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