Reading Transport Bus Fares

Here are details about bus fares charged by Reading Transport.

Single Bus Fares

Reading Buses and Newbury buses operate a zonal bus fare system within their operating areas. Their respective areas are split up into zones, and the fare you pay is based on the number of zones that you travel through. For the details of the zones in each area click below:

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Travel Cards

Reading Transport also offer a large number of travel cards depending on where you travel from, which offer very good value for money. For full access to the network there is the Simply Network ticket available both from the drivers on Reading & Newbury Buses, the Reading Travel Shop, online - and from PayPoint outlets for smartcard holders. The prices are as follows:

Type Adult Child
Simply Reading 1day 3.80 2.00
Simply Reading 7 day 13.00 10.00
Newbury Busabout (1 day) 4.00 3.00
Simply Newbury 7 day 16.00 10.00
Simply Network 1 day 8.00 5.00
Simply Network 7 day 19.50 15.00
Reading =
Tower Close/Peppard Road, Wokingham Road/Three Tuns, Three Mile Cross, Burghfield Road (Railway Bridge), Theale (Wigmore Lane), Purley Post Office.
Network =
All Reading and Newbury Buses services. The 1 day Network ticket also includes all services operated by First Berkshire in the Reading area, Stagecoach Hants & Surrey, and Stagecoach in Hampshire journeys on "The Link".

N.B. Most Reading Buses vehicles operate an exact fare policy. The drivers do not carry change. The exceptions to this are all Newbury Buses (including Reading Buses route 1) and Goldline Travel services.

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Last Updated: 26-06-10

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