Autobus Nouvelle 2

Reading had one Nouvelle 2, 201 - R901 EDO which was acquired in May 2001. Here it is seen in Great Knollys Street on 11th April 2002, after being with the company almost a year.

201 on 11 April 2002 (33343 bytes)

Below it is seen just a few days after it arrived in the depot, still without fleet names on Saturday 12th May 2001. The photographs were taken by Paul Hilton, and include pictures of the driver's cab and interior seating.

201 on 12 May 2001 (19065 bytes)201's cab (21883 bytes)201 seats (33240 bytes)

It is interesting to note that Autobus were division of Optare.

Having become surplus to requirements in April 2006 it was sold. By December 2011 it was with SJH Travel.

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