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November 2005

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Kickstart 2005


The Department for Transport has this week announced 43 routes which are to benefit from the latest round of kickstart funding from the government which totals 20million.

Included with the successful bids is one from Oxfordshire County Council who have secured 93,693 to provide later evening journeys on service X40 between Reading and RAF Benson via Wallingford. The X40 was introduced in July 2004 to link three individual subsidised services into a through service.

T564 PNV on 22 October 2005 (45810 bytes)

Thames Travel T564 PNV in Reading on 22nd October 2005. T564 PNV is on short term loan, probably pending delivery of four Scania OmniTowns destined for Oxford - Wallingford service X39. The X39 connects with the X40 in Wallingford and is due to have it's frequency doubled early in 2006 as part of a separate partnership with Oxfordshire County Council.

More information about Kickstart and the other successful bids can be found on the DfT website.

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