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November 2003

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Stagecoach to come to Reading


According to the latest Notices and Proceedings, Stagecoach in Hampshire have registered a new service, numbered 72A starting from 23rd December. The service, initially sounding similar to Countywide Travel's existing service 72 will operate Monday to Saturday between Fleet and Reading via Hartley, Wintney and Swan Court. No further details are currently known.

Poppies Spread to Newbury

08-11-03 updated 10-11-03

Poppies have now also appeared on Newbury vehicles, including 190, 501, 504 and 506.

190 on 8 November 2003 (65838 bytes)

190 at St. Marys Butts today with a very autumnal looking background.

Meanwhile Reading has also seen 702 and 706 with poppies in addition to previously reported 701, 704 and 705. However 701 and 705 seem to have very quickly lost theirs, whilst 703 doesn't appear to have had one at all. Can anyone confirm 702 and 705 for me?

Recent News Stories in One Photo!


Many of last months news stories concerning Reading Buses are summed up in the following photo, taken in town today. I couldn't resist including it here.

704 on 8 November 2003 (50814 bytes)

An urban scene of 704 today, reminding us of various news stories. The bus is sporting a poppy, and in the front of the view is one of the new on street ticket machines. In addition, on November 26th it will be two years since the start of the DayTrack and NightTrack services, for which 704 was reseated and temporarily repainted into dedicated livery. 704 was then the last to be repainted back into fleet livery.

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