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September 2005

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New Solars for Madejski FastTrack


Three new Scania L94UB / Wright Solars are to enter service on the Madejski Stadium / MCI Park & Ride on Monday. They wear standard First livery with additional FastTrack branding that mirrors Reading Buses' new livery for route branded quality corridors.

65726 on 8th September 2005 (47291 bytes)

The three vehicles, numbered 65724-6 lined up in reverse order outside First's Bracknell depot yesterday. Thanks to Stephen Wise for this photo.

65724 on 8th September 2005 (60421 bytes)

65724 in Bracknell yesterday not long after having had it's branding applied. Thanks to Stephen Wise for this photo.

The idea behind the use of basic First livery is a desire to make sure that the Saturday fleet, which includes a fourth vehicle from the normal First fleet, looks as much of a whole as the Monday to Friday will service with the three dedicated vehicles.

RMC for Job and Career Opportunities Exhibition


A general careers fair was held at Rivermead today and yesterday, open from 10am to 7pm yesterday and 10am to 6pm today. A special shuttle bus was organised to operate to and from the station, and was operated by First. A hand written notice by the First Great Western information screens in the station directed visitors to the departure point, whilst surprisingly RMC1510 was chosen to operate the service today!

RMC 1510 on 8th August 2005 (68273 bytes)

RMC1510 at Rivermead early this afternoon. Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

Trolleybus Update


Preserved Reading Trolleybus 186, and later Teeside 291, has recently moved to the Black County Living Museum in Dudley where it looks set to remain for the foreseeable future.

186 on 29 August 2005 (39725 bytes)

186 at the museum on 29th August 2005. Thanks to Peter Day for this photo.

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