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September 2003

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More about On Street Tickets


Further details about the new on street tickets are now coming to light. They sell daily and weekly TravelCards, and are similar to those already in use in London. A sample ticket purchased earlier in the week is shown below:

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Sam Simpson, the engineering director of Reading Buses has confirmed that there are now thirteen machines in place at the following locations, with five more still to come:

Reading Station near stop SC
Reading Station near stop SS
Minster Street between stops MM & MP
St Mary's Butts stop CN
Oxford Road stop CW
Market Place between stops MA & MB
Kings Road (Jacksons Corner) near stops ME & MF
Cemetery Junction inbound Kings Road
Reading West Station inbound
Tilehurst Triangle inbound at the Plough PH

They sell 2.20 Town Busabouts, 10 Greater Reading TravelCards, 5/7 North/East/South/West TravelCards depending on location and 1 NightTrack Nightsavers.

Meanwhile there is also progress on the next development, electronic smart cards that will eventually replace all on bus paper TravelCards. The smart card has been been talked about by Reading for quite a number of years now since the demise of the Transcard in 1999. Whilst the Transcard was quite limited and tended to be unreliable, the smart card should offer a much greater range of options. The card simply has to be passed over the top of a reader to be read, rather than having to be inserted into a machine. Progress is such that the company have started training drivers in their operation.

On Street Tickets for Sale!


Reading's new on street ticket machines have started operation. The machines sell tickets and bus passes suitable for the area in which the machine is located. For example the machine by the Caversham stop at Reading Station sells Town Busabouts, 'Adult Period TravelCards', North Reading TravelCards and Night Track Nightsavers. The machines only accept coins and do not give change, but are provided to help speed up boarding times. Once a ticket has been purchased passenger then just shows it to the driver when they board.

On Street Ticket Machine 010903 (30592 bytes)

It is hoped that more information about these machines will become available in the next few days.

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