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July 2003

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Boris is Back!


Former Reading MCW Metropolitan 1 (and later 101) is set to return to the rally circuit. The first of over sixty Metropolitans operated by Reading, and also the last of them to be withdrawn, 101 was nicknamed Boris during its final years with the company. It appeared today on the British Trolleybus Society's annual tour of Reading by preserved bus after much hard work by its owners to bring the vehicle back to its former glory.

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The first stop of the tour was at the Wokingham Road terminus of route 17. Boris was a regular performer on this route during its final years, so the blinds were set for the photographers.

3 on 4th July 2003 (41969 bytes)

Then at the other end of the 17 route in Tilehurst we found AEC Regent 3 waiting for us in the lay-by! 3 has recently been acquired by Tim Wale who has done some work to tidy it up, and got it MOT'd in June.

Both vehicles then proceeded back into town along the 17 route before taking up former route 24 to Emmer Green. They followed the 45 route through to Caversham Park, and followed the 25 and 45 route down Donkin Hill back into town. The buses continued along the 25 route to the route's old terminus on Dwyer Road, where the vehicles reversed and headed back again along the 25 route to the IDR, and then on to Odd Fellows Hall on the Oxford Road where the tour began.

A further stump for on street ticket machines has been noted at Cemetery junction when heading towards town.

On Street Ticket Machines - the first evidence


Last month there was news that 'stumps' have been appearing at some bus stops around Reading town centre and the suburbs. These stumps are bases for new on street ticket machines, that will be appearing in the next few months. The machines will allow passengers to purchase tickets before boarding their bus, Reading Buses hoping that this will speed up boarding times further following the introduction of the Readifare cash vaults last year.

OnStreet 010703 (20963 bytes)

I suspect that this stump, at the 63/65 stop at the Station, could well be one.

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