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July 2002

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Demonstrator for Thames Travel


Thames Travel were operating this Scania demonstrator with Wright bodywork, YG02 ABN on service 144 to Wokingham today. The vehicle is on loan for the week, and is the same vehicle that was tested by the Oxford Bus Company a few weeks ago.

YP02 ABN on 24 July 2002 (42767 bytes)

The result of the trial is apparently that the company consider the vehicle too long for the fleet. (Added 21-09-02).

Goldline of Woodstock


A visit to Newbury yesterday revealed this Bova Futura coach, which I was surprised to see carrying the Goldline fleetname. It seems that the coach, L206 RAK is not related to Reading's Goldline Travel, but is actually owned by Goldline of Woodstock. It is interesting though that Reading have Bovas of a similar age in their fleet.

L206 RAK on 22 July 2002 (36306 bytes)

Alton Rally


I attended the Mid-hants Watercress Line bus rally at Alton yesterday. Amongst the attendees was preserved Reading Metrobus 162, which I have not personally seen out and about since it was withdrawn from service in 1998. The weather was very good, so I thought that I would post a photo here for your enjoyment. Newbury's 813 can just about be seen on the right.

162 on 14 July 2002 (59836 bytes)

The photo also reminds us of the days of dual door operation in Reading - all double deckers in the fleet had their centre doors panelled over by the end of 2000.

Ridgeway Explorer Starts Saturday Operations


Weavaway Travel have extended their X47/8 Reading - Swindon "Ridgeway Explorer" service to operate on Saturdays. The service runs via a number of villages through some very scenic countryside and usually only operates on Sundays and Bank Holidays during the summer.

TJI 6308 on 13 July 2002 (51198 bytes)

Optare MetroRider Mk 1 TJI 6308 at Reading Station today.

Traffic Congestion in Reading


Reading Excel 911 broke down this afternoon at the traffic lights at the bottom of the Market Place, opposite Duke Street bridge. Two inspectors and a driver were on the scene diverting traffic along the road to the right and an engineer had the bonnet up and front bumper off to try and get 911 started again. A queue of vehicles did start to develop, but the chaos was reasonably minimal, especially when compared to the major traffic jams and grid lock around the rest of the town that was being caused by a major accident on the M4.

911 on 3 July 2002 (44045 bytes)

Click to enlarge the photo

Travel Shop Adverts


Prominent posters have appeared in Reading advertising the location of the new combined Travel Shop and Information Office in Chain Street. Click on the image below for a larger view.

FlagSigns on 3 July 2002 (27881 bytes)

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