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June 2009

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Second Wave of Pop-Art Adverts


1st June saw Reading Buses update their Pop-Art advertising campaign to capture the imagination and attention of people in the town with three new messages to highlight the latest fare deals. Six buses advertise the new group 6.50 Busabout, seven advertise the new Easysaver 10 ticket and five advertise how easy smartcards make buying a ticket .

846 on 18 June 2009

846 in Minster Street today with the Smartcard advert.

852 on 12 June 2009

852 has the new Easysaver 10 advert, and is seen at Reading Station on 12th June.

810 on 18 June 2009

810 demonstrating the group ticket advert on Duke Street today.

The adverts were applied on 30th and 31st May, but only 842 managed to creep out with its new advert 'early' on Saturday 30th May. The original 4 OmniDekkas (801, 808, 809, 810) and 14 Olympuses (841/2/4/5/6/9, 850/2/3/5/6/7/8/9) have all received updated adverts.

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Recent Oddities


41267 has been on loan to First Berkshire from First London since March 2008 to help cover various requirements, and as such continues to operate in London livery. For the last few days it has been appearing on Bracknell based routes, previously having been based at Slough.

41267 on 18 June 2009

41267 on route 190 today.

Stewarts of Mortimer have an Iveco Daily on loan from Esker to cover warranty work on one of their recent Unvi Riadas.

YN08 FFD on 12 June 2009

Iveco YN08 FFD operating a shuttle service for Invesco at Reading Station on 12th June.

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