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April 2005

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First Ever Volvo B9TLs in Service


Weavaway Travel's fleet of Volvo B9TLs have now started to enter service. Fitted with East Lancs Nordic Myllennium bodywork these are the first of their kind to enter service in the UK.

OU05 AVB on 9 April 2005 JC ((58291 bytes)

James Cusworth photographed one on rail replacement duties at Reading Station this evening. It is registered OU05 AVB.

Preservation Update


An impressive selection of preserved Reading vehicles attended the annual Cobham Open Day today - ten in total. Thanks and congratulations must go to the owners of these vehicles for all their efforts. The preserved vehicles were supplemented by Titan 75, currently with Mike Nash (dealer) and new Wright Solar 1011.

Cobham 3 April 2005 (82147 bytes)

At the end of the day, all of the preserved vehicles (and one unpreserved one) were lined up for a photo shoot. From left to right they are Titan 75, Metrobus 162, VR 31, National 333, VR 23, RE 258, Loline 76, Reliance 52, Tower Wagon 332 and Regent 3. The only preserved vehicle that didn't make this line-up was exReading Mainline No.17.

Cobham 3 April 2005 (62652 bytes)

A second view of the line-up.

Incidentally, Series 3 Bristol VR / Northern Counties number 31 (NDP 31R) has just been acquired for preservation. After withdrawal on 1st September 1988 it was sold to Direct Communications Ltd., of St. Ives, Huntingdon on 21st October 1989 via Ensign Bus (dealer). There it was converted to a mobile exhibition unit and regularly attended public events in Cambridgeshire. It was purchased for preservation on 31st March 2005, and joins similar VR 38.

31 on 3 April 2005 (42190 bytes)

31 at the Cobham Rally today.

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