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March 2010

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Closure of Friar Street West


Major road repairs are taking place at the junction of Friar Street, West Street and Greyfriars Road this weekend. Work started straight after the Friday rush hour at 1930 yesterday with the carriageway between West Street and Friar Street closed, but with access to Greyfriars Road maintained with a diversion from West Street via the Chatham Street roundabout. From 1930 tonight the top of Greyfriars Road was closed as well with services diverted via the IDR.

836 on 13 March 2010

836 passing the works this morning.

33144 on 13 March 2010

33144 turning into Greyfriars Road.

1014 on 13 March 2010

1014 was deputising on route 2 and is seen loading on Greyfriars Road. Routes which normally drop off here were moved to a temporary stop a little further down.

1004 on 13 March 2010

Recently repainted 1004 on diversion passing the old Bus Station at the bottom of Station Hill.

821 on 13 March 2010

The diverted 2, 2A, 26 and 500 did a double loop around the Station Road roundabout in order to serve their normal stops in the lay-by. Above 821 is seen making the manoeuvre.

1105 on 13 March 2010

For the duration of the work the 17 and 190 served a temporary stop outside 'Revolution' on Station Road. 1105 is seen turning back onto Friar Street from Station Road.

There are ominous looking paint markings all along Friar Street and Station Road, suggesting that further closures may be imminent.

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