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February 2012

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Wright Streetlite Official Launch


Today saw the official launch of the six new Wright Streetlites at the old Town Hall in Reading with a short presentation/briefing in the Waterhouse Chamber. 154 was displayed outside with branding for route 19, whilst 152 with generic Reading Buses branding was used for a short tour of the Town Centre for the invited guests. All six will be grouped together with a light green identity, 151/2 with generic Reading Buses branding, 153 with Lower Caversham branding, 154/5 with route 19 branding and 156 to Goldline specification for use on route 142.

152 on 27 February 2012

152 after decanting the guests with 154 in the background.

154 on 27 February 2012

The nearside of 154 showing off it's branding for route 19.

154 on 27 February 2012

Photo call in front of 154 with the Mayors of Earley (left) and Reading (centre).

The vehicles will not all enter service immediately pending some modification work the the wheelchair bay to make it more user friendly. 153/5/6 will receive 12-plate registrations in early March. In the meantime 151 will continue to be used on the Purley Shuttle, and another will be used on route 142 as it has a small dedicated team of drivers that can easily be trained. 156 will eventually be the dedicated bus for this.

Wright Streetlite Preview 2


The first Streetlite 151 has been in use on the temporary Purley Shuttle a few times this last week. Meanwhile 152/3 have also arrived and received Reading Buses logos, but are unlikely to enter service until after the official launch next week.

151 on 18 February 2012

151 at Chestnut Grove yesterday. Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

151 on 18 February 2012

151 connecting with 843 and van 309 to changeover both passengers and driver. Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

Wright Streetlite Preview


The first of Reading's six new Wright Streetlites arrived on 3rd, with others on the way. All six will wear two tone green in the style introduced with Yellow 26, but with different lettering for each of the routes involved. The fleet is to be officially launched at Reading Town Hall on 27th, but may occasionally be seen before then mainly on driver training duties. 151 was in use on such duties on 10th, followed by a surprise stint on the free Purley shuttle on 11th.

The vehicles are being delivered from the Wrightbus factory in Ballymena via Heysham Docks in Lancashire, as per most Wrightbus vehicles at the moment.

154 on 12 February 2012

One of the Streetlites at Heysham Docks, 154, on 12th. Thanks to Gerald Nicholls for this photo.

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