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January 2013

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Produce of January


Light snow started to fall in Reading and Newbury during the afternoon of 17th, followed by much heavier flurries throughout the day on 18th. The now customary online information services swung into action with updates on websites, Facebook and Twitter as services were diverted or curtailed as the road conditions dictated. Most services had recovered by Saturday 19th despite an additional light dusting during the day, with only traffic delays and slippery pavements to contend with.

12 on 18 January 2013

12 turning into St Mary's Butts on 18th.

118 on 18 January 2013

Oxford Bus Company 118 on loan to Thames Travel in Wallingford Market Place on 18th. Thanks to Matt Goodenough for this photo.

Vodafone Freebee adverts have been applied to the Vodafone fleet of Scania OmniCity single deckers at Newbury. They include a substantial amount of the controversial contra-vision, save for a window just ahead of the rear wheel on the offside and the first window on the nearside.

5 on 17 January 2013

Former TVP 5 at Newbury Rail Station on 17th.

Meanwhile Stagecoach in Hampshire's Basingstoke depot have very recently received a batch of new Alexander Dennis Enviro 300s which have made the occasional appearance on The Link to Newbury.

27828 on 17 January 2013

27828 leaving Newbury Bus Station on 17th.

One More Unusual Working


One more unusual working from Thames Travel has been the loan of Brookesbus Trident 120 from Oxford Bus Company. It will be interesting to see whether the arrival of the final B5LHs in Oxford send similar vehicles to Thames Travel permanently in due course, or if the allocation has started to settle.

120 on 10 January 2013

120 on 10th. Thanks to Bob Stanger for this photo.

More for RailAir


Two further Volvo B9R / Plaxton Panther 2s arrived for First's RailAir fleet just before Christmas. They are to the same passenger specification as the first two - 49 black leather seats, power sockets, table, free WiFi - but have a full-length offside emergency exit to comply with the latest European new vehicle regulations.

20808 on 5 January 2013

20808 at Reading Station today.

Meanwhile Thames Travel's new intake from Oxford Bus Company continues with a further three Citaros arriving since Christmas. These are operating in plain Oxford Bus Company two tone red, with small Thames Travel logos on the front, and the intention appears to be to repaint them into blue/green rather than standardise on two tone red across the three operations.

856 on 5 January 2013

856 arrived in December and is seen heading for it's former home in Oxford today.

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