Mercedes-Benz 609D / Robin Hood

This is former 211 parked up in the old Forbury Engineering depot on 27th October 1996.

211 on 27 October 1996 (36225 bytes)

211-3 were acquired with the Reading and Newbury operations of BeeLine in August 1992. All were allocated to Newbury, and were the only former BeeLine vehicles with fleet numbers that clashed with existing Reading Transport ones - under BeeLine they had numbers 163, 164 and 172, and so were numbered to follow on from Optare StarRiders 201-10. 213 was also notable in being the last vehicle in the fleet to remain in BeeLine livery.

211 was withdrawn and placed into storage in Reading in October 1995, and then joined the Reading Low Cost Unit (the LCU) when it commenced operations on 11th December 1995 in response to competition from Reading Mainline. 212 joined it in November 1996, and 213 in June 1997. All three were replaced by Optare City Pacers at the end of August 1997.

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