Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 MMC
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An order for 24 updated Enviro 400s was announced in May 2014 for delivery in September 2014 (8) and March 2015 (16). Code named MMC (Major Model Change) the updated vehicles feature new exterior styling, Euro VI engines, less weight, new heating and ventilation systems, quick release window replacement and various other improvements following feedback from operators about the previous model. They also feature LED interior lighting which changes from white to red on the lower deck nearside whilst in motion to reduce glare for the driver.

751-8 feature Lazzerini Practico high back seats in Reading's purple bars moquette with pink leather headrests, and 3G WiFi. Delivery of 759-74 was delayed until May 2015 to allow some additional modifications to be made, including the use of new Lazzerini Ethos lightweight highback seats with a new block spotty moquette and a green route coloured leather headrest, white front LED destination displays (orange side and rear), USB charging sockets and the company's first 4G WiFi.

The vehicles were delivered in the following liveries:

751-7 Claret (for route 21/21A)

758-59 Generic Silver (for use on any route)

760-74 Mint Green (for routes 5 & 6)

760 was originally intended to be delivered in generic silver but was switched to green prior to manufacture.

The first arrival was 752 on 3rd October, whilst 751 and one other were at Alexander Dennis, Harlow on 5th. At least one then arrived in Reading on 6th October, and 756 was delivered on 15th. 751-4 entered service on 17th October, 755-7 on 23rd and 758 on 24th.

752 is seen below in Lower Earley on 28th October 2014. Thanks to Ray Ward for this photo:

752 on 28 October 2014 (Ray Ward)

754 is seen below at Reading University, The Queens Drive on it's first day in service on 17th October 2014. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this photo:

754 on 17 October 2014 (Mark Lyons)

753 is seen below with 213 at Reading Station on 3rd November 2014:

753 & 213 on 3 November 2014

759-74 were built at Alexander Dennis' Scarborough factory with the first two being delivered on 4th April 2015 and the remainder by 29th April for the fitting of vinyls and on bus equipment prior to entry into service on Sunday 10th May.

767 is seen below during it's first week in service in May 2015. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this photo:

767 in May 2015

773 is seen below on 10th May 2015, it's first day in service. Thanks to Graham Low for this photo:

773 on 10 May 2015

Following a reduction in frequency on the Claret 21 from 11 April 2016, 756/7 went away for repaint into Royal Blue 33 livery. 756 re-entered service on 30 May and a week or so later, its branding was completed with the addition of 'charge into town' lettering in the nearside, offside and lower rear advert frames. 757 was still in service in Claret livery on 27 May but re-entered service by 20 June in full Royal Blue 33 livery. 757 is seen below on 2nd July 2016:

757 on 2 July 2016

759 has its front branding amended in December 2015 to include the 'colour bar' and text about USB charging rather than just free WiFi. 758 followed suit in July 2016 having had USB charging points fitted along with repainted 756/7.

757 was repainted into Green Line Royal Express livery following frequency reductions on route 33 in February 2018, returning to service on 1st May to help celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry. It was then repainted into generic silver orbits livery during May 2019, being completed on 30th upon expiry of the photo licence. 756 was repainted from Royal Blue into generic silver orbits livery during June 2019, returning to service on 28th. This was to allow recently acquired demonstrator 700 to eventually be repainted Royal Blue to operate the service entirely with natural gas vehicles.

A further two examples were ordered for Vodafone services, arriving in December 2017 numbered 781/2. 782 had arrived on 24th. They entered service on 15th January 2018 on rail replacement with temporary Reading Buses fleet names which were then removed before they moved to Newbury with 781 early the following week to enter service on Vodafone.

A further 12 examples were acquired with the Newbury & District business on 13th September 2018 and allocated fleet numbers 783-94. Initially 783-7 were in Newbury & District livery, 789-91 in Countywide livery and 792-4 in South Midland livery, although 787, 789, 792 and 794 lost this around the time of acquisition, operating in plain black with red highlights.

783-7 were partially repainted and rebranded into the new black with lime green Newbury & District livery between 8 and 19 April 2019.

788 was repainted into a new orbits version of Jet Black livery in early March 2019, followed by 789 in April, 790 returned from repaint on 22 July and returned to service on 25th, 791 in August, 793 returning to service on 7th October, 792 during October and 794 in November (returning to service on 4th December). All transferred from Newbury & District to Reading once completed in exchange for 1201-7.

Delivery of 751-8 was delayed into October 2014, so three vehicles were loaned by Alexander Dennis to allow planned enhancements to route 21 from 22 September 2014 to operate as planned. They were a short Enviro 200 numbered 199, an Enviro 350H number 498 and a Mk2 Enviro 400 which was given fleet number 798.

798 was first noted in Newbury on 12th September covering for 804 between 17th and 19th, and then returning to Reading. From 22nd September it was used on route 21 for which 751-7 were intended. It is seen below at Kilnsea Drive, Lower Earley on 22nd September 2014:

798 on 22 September 2014

It left the fleet at the end of October, and was exhibited at Euro Bus Expo 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham from 4-6 November. It is seen below on 6th November 2014:

798 on 6 November 2014

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