Alexander Dennis Enviro 400
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Nine Enviro 400s 1201-9 were originally owned and operated by Weavaway Travel (Newbury & District). The first six were specified and branded for Reading Buses Jet Black route 1 between Reading and Newbury and operated under contract to Reading Buses, and the last three were Weavaway fleet vehicles (branded Newbury & District Skyrider) that were used on route 1 as spares when required. Consequently all nine were fitted with Reading's real time information and bus stop announcement system, requiring the allocation of fleet numbers 1201-9 from the outset. The vehicles were also fitted with Euro V EEV engines, high back seats, seatbelts and free WiFi. 1207-9 also featured tables.

1203 is seen below at the official launch event at the Holiday Inn, Padworth on 4th April 2011, the day before it entered service:

1203 on 4 April 2011

The vehicles were acquired by Reading Buses on 1 September 2014 following the end of the subcontracting arrangement with Weavaway and the introduction of a revised timetable requiring an seventh vehicle each day with four based in Reading and three in Newbury. In advance of this 1202 was released from Weavaway for the removal of seatbelts to be investigated at Great Knollys Street during mid August, followed by the others on rotation including 1209 on around 20 August. In the event only Weavaway spec 1207-9 had seat belts removed, leaving only the seats with no seat immediately in front fitted. 1207-9 also had their tables removed from the lower deck and seats rearranged into standard configuration, and 1208/9 had assault screens and cash vaults fitted for use as generic vehicles. Wright Solar 1010 was loaned to Weavaway to provide cover if required but was rarely used. 1208 was also sent to Hants & Dorset trim for repaint into generic livery in advance, being noted there awaiting preparation on 11 August 2014, and re-entering service on 10th September. At this stage it had its downstairs tables removed, but upstairs tables still in place. Seven of 1201-7/9 entered service on the 1 under Reading Transport ownership on 1st September, with the eighth soon after. 1208 is seen below on 22nd September 2014:

1208 on 22 September 2014

1209 was repainted into generic silver and had its interior converted to standard specification at Hants & Dorset trim during October, being noted ready to return 14th October 2014 and back at Great Knollys Street by 19th being prepared to return to service. It was noted back in service on 31st October 2014.

1207 was being prepared for repaint into JetBlack livery on 9th November, and departed for Hants & Dorset trim on 11th. It was completed for return on 5th December, and was back in service by 11th.

The branding on 1201-3/5-7 was updated in April 2017 to reflect the Kennections style and coincide with the launch of the JetRed brand for the Newbury - Thatcham routes, with 1204 completed in May. 1203/7 were the first to be done by 14th April. 1202 is seen with the updated branding below on 21 April 2018:

1202 on 21 April 2018

Two further Enviro 400s 1210/11 were purchased from the University of Plymouth in June 2015 to boost the fleet ahead of taking on the operation of First's Reading - Bracknell route 90 from 26 July. They entered service in plain white on contracts for Chiltern Edge School which Reading had won a tender to operate from September 2015, but negotiated with the previous operator Weavaway to start early. They ran without assault screens or ticket machines. In late July they departed for Thornton's for repaint and refurbishment with wood effect floors, new black spot moquette, USB charging points and 4G WiFi added. 1210 gained full Lion livery before returning to service on 22nd August 2015, followed by 1211 soon after. The pair are seen below on 14 June 2015:

1210&1211 on 14 June 2015

1210 is seen below on 2nd June 2018:

1210 on 2 June 2018

A further example was to be purchased from Lloyds Coaches in August 2015 to complete the fleet required for the Reading - Bracknell service. However, in the event Lloyds decided to retain the vehicle. As things transpired from there it was sold to Go-Goodwins, Eccles along with their second example, and both were acquired by Reading Buses in August 2016 for the new Kennections network in Newbury and allocated fleet numbers 1212 and 1214. 1212 was plain red as a spare for Vodafone and Kennections whilst 1214 entered service on 5 September 2016 in Kennections livery. 1212 had returned from repaint by 2nd October 2016 and in service by 7th. It is seen below on 3rd December 2016:

1212 on 3 December 2016

1214 is seen below on 30th March 2017:

1214 on 30 March 2017

1208 was repainted into original Reading Buses cream and maroon livery with aquamarine stripe in July 2016 with lettering to celebrate 30 years of deregulation in the bus industry, being displayed at the company's annual open day on 3 July prior to returning to service on 4 July. The livery was modified in July 2017 to Newbury Buses to celebrate 25 years of operations in Newbury. In December 2017 it was repainted into Green Line livery (being noted already rubbed down at Hants & Dorset trim on 4th December) to commence operations on route 702 between Bracknell and London from 27th December 2017, making it's first appearance on a route 702 heritage running day on Sunday 24th December 2017 to bridge the gap between First finishing on 23rd and Reading's operation starting on 27th.

1212 was repainted into Vamooz livery in July 2017, ahead of the launch with partner Transdev Blazefield on 26th. It is seen below on 4 November 2017:

1212 on 4 November 2017

1212 went then away for repaint again into Green Line livery on 31st May 2018, returning on 4th June and returning to service on 5th.

1214 was repainted into Green Line livery after service on 14th May 2017, returning to service on 7th June. It is seen below on 11 October 2019 with 677 and 786:

1214&677&786 on 11 October 2019

1204 went on loan to Newbury & District from acquisition on 13th September until 22nd September 2018 to cover whilst 853 was being prepared.

1207 was repainted into Newbury & District livery in February 2019, transferring to Greenham on 23rd February. It was followed by 1203 in March, 1204 in June, 1206 in September and 1205 in October. 1201/2 were expected to follow, but 863/4 took their place in September 2019, with 1201/2 gaining ColourBus liveries in January 2020 with generic silver fronts.

1207 is seen below on 6 July 2020:

1207 on 6 July 2020

The seats in 1201 and 1207 were swapped in May 2020 to provide 1207 with seat belts, and resulting in 1201 gaining Weavaway moquette seats.

1208, 1212 and 1214 were transferred to Courtney Buses 3 November 2019 along with the operation of Green Line route 703 and Thames Valley branded operations in Slough. The buses were allocated to the main depot in Bracknell.

1209 was transferred to Courtney Buses in August 2020 to replace inherited 862, and to act as a spare for corporate contracts and Green Line 703. It was repainted into Thames Valley generic livery during July and August with lettering marking 100 years since the original Thames Valley Traction Company was formed, losing it's Reading Football Club ColourBus livery in the process.

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