Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC

Twelve examples were acquired with Courtney Buses on 30 April 2019 in varying sizes, depending on the contracts they operated, but mainly for tendered services in the Bracknell area. Fleet numbers 664-75 were allocated.

Three vehicles were then acquired from Alexander Dennis stock in August 2019 for Thames Valley route 5 between Slough and Cippenham, numbered 676-8. They arrived in dealer white and immediately went for repaint at Courtney Buses into the base grey of a new Thames Valley livery that also features a valley of colour applied in vinyl dependant on the route or area. 676 was the first to be completed, and entered service in base grey on 27 September 2019. 677 and 678 entered service on 9 and 12 October with full lime green branding for routes 2 and 5 applied, 676 was subsequently treated by 28 October. The vehicles released Wright Streetlites 166/7 for transfer to Newbury and the repaint of Optare Solos 193/4 for Courtney Buses route 10.

The new Thames Valley livery and integrated network was officially launched under Courtney Buses from 3 November 2019, with the vehicles transferring to Courtney buses from that date.

678 is seen below at the Bracknell Maple Centre depot on 16 January 2020:

678 on 16 January 2020

674 transferred from Courtney Buses to Newbury & District from 27 October 2019 along with the contract to provide a shuttle service for the Bombay Sapphire distillery visitor centre.

Two further vehicles to Reading Buses specification were acquired in February 2020, arriving on 7th in base Little Berry (previously Lower Caversham Shuttle) and generic silver liveries. The vehicles are the company's first single deckers with illuminated front logos, sky lights, tables and media shelves for mobile phones and tablets. 679 was vinyled on 20th February and is seen below at Great Knollys Street depot on 21st before entering service on routes 27 and 29 on 26th:

679 on 21 February 2020 679 on 21 February 2020

680 contained another first for the company, a mirror-less driving system where cameras replace the traditional exterior mirrors. It went away for corrections to the paint colour and vinyl application, and entered service on 31 March. It is seen below at Great Knollys Street depot on 15 June 2020:

680 on 15 June 2020

A single vehicle, numbered 135 was added to the fleet in June 2018 to support to expanding Thames Valley fleet, and replace Optare Solos which had been on short term loan. It entered service in plain white with Thames Valley lettering. It was quickly returned to Dawson Rentals in August 2018 as Wright Streetlite 166 became available to replace it.

YW68 OVT an Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC was borrowed from Dawson Rentals from 1st until 22nd February 2019 in plain white to assess the type for the future, operating from N&D without a fleet number for the duration of its stay. It passed to Falcon Buses in March 2019.

Last updated: 17-08-20

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