Alexander Dennis Enviro 200

Four short Enviro 200s were ordered in 2013 for a renewed Vodafone contract to help reduce running costs compared to full size vehicles. Numbered 131-4, 131 arrived on 1st October 2013 and the final vehicle to enter service was 134 on 15th October. They entered service in dealer white, originally intended to receive Vodafone wraps.

133 is seen below on 18th October 2013:

133 on 18 October 2013

134 is seen below on 18th October 2013:

134 on 18 October 2013

The vehicles were eventually given Vodafone wraps during 2014.

Following the renewal of the Vodafone contract, 131-4 were displaced by new Optare Solo SRs 191-4 in week commencing 9th January 2017. 131/4 were returned to dealer white in January and 132/3 in February, 131-3 transferred to Reading, 131-2 gaining 'nineteens' lettering and 133 'Greenwave' lettering, whilst 134 remained in Newbury and gained 'Kennections' lettering, all on base white livery. 131 entered service in reading on 27th January, 132 on 7th February. 133 entered service on 17th March following an increase to the Greenwave service with new route 63. 134 was transferred to Reading at the end of March in exchange for 164, initially operating in plain white before being given 'nineteens' lettering between 4th and 8th April.

The 'nineteens' branding on 131, 132 and 134 was amended in September 2017 to 'nine-teens' following timetable changes that saw routes 9 and 19 interwork. 133 reverted to being plain white as a spare following the entry into service of Optare Solo 182, and the other three following service changes from 19th February 2018.

A further four Enviro 200s were ordered in 2014, this time normal 10.8m versions for the Loddon Bridge Park & Ride service, entering service in September 2014. Numbered 651-4, 651-3 arrived in dealer white and received basic lettering for the 500, and 654 in generic silver.

During August 2015 a series of demonstration vehicles allowed 651-3 to start going away for repaint into a new two tone blue livery ahead of the opening of Winnersh Triangle Park & Ride to replace Loddon Bridge. 652 returned to service in based colours on 15th September, 652 on 23rd September and 653 by 10th October. They received Winnersh Triangle Park & Ride branding on 25th October 2015 ready for the opening on 26th.

651/3 have rear adverts for the Park & Ride, whilst 652 does not.

651 has it's branding altered to Park & Sleigh Ride between 2nd December 2016 and sometime between 1-4 January 2017.

A delay in the arrival of Enviro 400s 751-8 led to a short Enviro 200 demonstrator being one of three demonstrators on loan from Alexander Dennis in September and October 2014. Given temporary fleet number 199 it spent all of it's time covering Vodafone work at Newbury. It is seen below on 28th September 2014. Thanks to Tony Atkins for this photo:

199 on 28 September 2014

It returned to Reading during mid October 2014 and returned to ADL sometime in week commencing 20th October.

Following the unexpected gain of tendered work in Newbury from 5th September 2016, two Enviro 200s KX58 GUW/U were brought in on short term loan from Dawson Rentals pending the cascade of vehicles from the rest of the fleet. These were given temporary fleet numbers 111 and 112. 111 departed around 20th November. 112 was withdrawn by 15th January and in Reading being prepared for return a few days later.

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC

A single vehicle, numbered 135 was added to the fleet in June 2018 to support to expanding Thames Valley fleet, and replace Optare Solos which has been on short term loan. It entered service in plain white with Thames Valley lettering.

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