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June 2012

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  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 123 has been repainted into lime green leaving 124 as the last vehicle in cream and maroon unless it has also been repainted.
  • Reading Transport Vehicle Types: Page updated to 139 vehicles (114 Reading, 10 Newbury, 15 Goldline) from 144 vehicles (109 Reading, 10 Newbury, 14 Goldline, 11 reserve).
  • Carousel Buses Fleet List: PVL58/91/210/211 returned to London this weekend, PVL58/211 returning from Thames Travel by 13th. DAF976 has now been withdrawn. Thanks to John Hammond for this.
  • Horseman Coaches Fleet List: A further new Plaxton Cheetah now registered is RX12 HNT. Thanks to Peter Coney for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: Nine further Gold specification Scania ND230 / ADL Enviro 400s are on order for route S3 in late August / early September. 20936 entered service on training duties in May.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 803 is currently on loan to Newbury for Vodafone work. Thanks to Paul Hilton for this. It is not yet known whether this is in exchange for 804 recently on loan there.
  • Carousel Buses Fleet List: 806 is YJ56 WVS. Thanks to John Hammond for this.
  • Mortons Travel Fleet List: New additions are Leyland Tiger WXI 4451 in white Mortons livery with "in association with Perrins" lettering, Dennis Dart N467 TPR which is pending repaint and ex Hong Kong tri-axle Leyland Olympian K481 EUX. Thanks to Robert Turner for this.



  • Carousel Buses Fleet List: 803 has been renumbered 804 pending arrival of three further Tempos on 6th from Wilts & Dorset including YJ56 WUC/E. DMS14 has been sold. DMS6 left the fleet at an unknown point, whilst withdrawn DMS8 remains in stock for sale. Thanks to John Hammond for this.


  • Burghfield Mini Coaches Fleet List: L2 TGE was not scrapped in February 2010 as previously thought, but remains in service. Thanks to Mark Chandler for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Stored Volvo Olympians 34215/6/8 have been allocated to Bracknell for new Windsor tourist route 100. Loaned 41440/1 return to London in May. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Horseman Coaches Fleet List: One of the three remaining Cheetahs has been registered RX12 HNV. Thanks to Mark Chandler for this.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: Five new Optare Solos 709-13 have arrived from Go South Coast for new services starting on Wednesday. All are plain white. Up to four appear to have entered service last week. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: Withdrawn 16489 and reserve 16537 are now withdrawn for sale. 20213/4/6 have gone into reserve from Rugby being replaced by 33356 from Northamptonshire reserve and 33457/8 from Northampton. New is Toyota Prius 92304 registered 9737 VC replacing 91738. Further new Enviro 400s are confirmed as KX12 GXH/J.


  • News Page: Last Day of Reading Goldline on route 142 with photos of 156 (2).
  • Fleet Buzz Fleet List: Withdrawn 49616/7 have been transferred to Stagecoach South Lancashire as staff vehicles. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this.
  • Reading Transport Dennis Dart SLFs: New photos of former 605 and 606 with Brighton & Hove added. Thanks to David Smith for these. 610 was sold to Ensignbus (dealer) in May who then sold it to Central Buses, Birmingham. Central Buses have now advertised it for sale.

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