Sandtoft Reading Weekend 27-29th May 2006

To commemorate 70 years since Reading's first Trolleybus, the Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft held a special Reading Weekend on 27-29th May 2006.

For the first time ever preserved Trolleybuses 144, 174 and 196 were brought out of storage to join 113 and 181 under the wires at Sandtoft all at the same time. Motorbuses 3, 47, 52, 76, 98 and 258 also attended along with tower wagon 332.

Vehicle Lineup 28 May 2006 (75787 bytes)

The grand line-up of Reading Corporation vehicles. From left to right 258, 76, 52, 3, 98, 47, 193, 181, 174, 144, 113, 332.

113 on 28 May 2006 (90372 bytes)

113 making a turn with 3, 258 and 181 behind. 113 is an AEC 661T with Park Royal bodywork.

144 on 28 May 2006 (104830 bytes)

At the end of the day the closure procession was re-enacted, with Reading's official last trolleybus 144 bringing up the rear with its special destination displays. 144 is a BUT 9611T with Park Royal bodywork.

174 on 28 May 2006 (90435 bytes)

174 has never operated at Sandtoft before, and was brought up from storage in Berkshire on 5th March in readiness for the event. 174 is a Sunbeam S7 with Park Royal bodywork.

181 on 28 May 2006 (91593 bytes)

Similar Sandtoft resident 181 shows off the nearside of the Park Royal bodywork.

193 on 28 May 2006 (64333 bytes)

193 was also brought up from Berkshire during March, but suffered a breakdown on the first day of the event. Repairs carried out during the day on 28th meant that it wasn't able to carry passengers, but happily it was able to join the other four in a planned period of simultaneous operation towards the end of the day. 193 is a Sunbeam F4A with Burlingham bodywork, and was numerically the last Trolleybus delivered to Reading Corporation.

47 on 28 May 2006 (73776 bytes)

AEC Regent 47 joined some of the Trolleybuses for a few trips at lunchtime and proved very popular.

76 on 28 May 2006 (80312 bytes)

Dennis Loline 76 against a background of more senior vehicles. It was amongst a group of motorbuses that were used on 'Isle Tours' around the local area.

52 on 28 May 2006 (78155 bytes)

AEC Reliance 52.

258 on 28 May 2006 (82785 bytes)

Bristol RELL 258 basking in the sunshine alongside AEC Regent number 3.

Reading's first Trolleybus arrived on 31st March 1936 and started operating trial runs along a training loop on Erleigh Road sometime after 1st May 1936. The first line from Caversham to Whitley was opened on 18th July 1936, whilst the system eventually closed in November 1968.

All photographs on this page were taken by Rob Williams on Sunday 28th May 2006.

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