Reading Transport Photo Gallery

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy! This album aims to present some of the branded fleet amidst surroundings of the same colour.

599 on 12 July 2008

Red ethanol demonstrator 599 passing the baskets of red flowers that surrounded the Broad Street Arena on 12th July 2008.

824 in March 2006

Light Pink route 25/26 branded 824 underneath a pink blossom tree on Southcote Lane in March 2006. Thanks to Stephen Wise for this photo.

839 on 25 August 2007

Yellow FastTrack 500 branded 839 passing a display of yellow flowers on the Station Road roundabout on 25th August 2007.

841-5 & 847 on 30 March 2008

Sky blue route 15/16 branded 841-5/7 lined up below a blue sky at Great Knollys Street depot on 30th March 2008.

849 on 26 July 2008

Orange route 63/64 branded 849 passing orange flowers on the Station Road roundabout on 26th July 2008.

860 on 14 June 2008

Generic Silver 860 amidst a variety of silver and greys on Station Hill on 14th June 2008.

1010 in March 2005

Dark Green route 4/5/6 branded 1010 stopped alongside the grass on Northumberland Avenue in March 2005. Thanks to Stephen Wise for this photo.

1024 on 2 December 2006

Light blue route 37 branded 1024 amongst the blue and white Christmas lights on Butter Market on 2nd December 2006.