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Reading Buses Icons

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These icons are courtesy of Dazza's Royals Home Page. They're not bad, but not many are really bus types Reading operates. A few seem to be in Tillingbourne livery as well. If you need instructions on how to use them, please contact me.

Reading Buses Sounds

Many appologies but these have had to be removed to save space.

Reading Buses Cardboard Models

Print these off, cut them out leaving spaces for gluing, glue them together and you will have your very own fleet of Reading Buses!

MCW Metrobus 193, LMO 193X

MCW Metrobus 193, LMO 193X after modification to single door in 1999

Optare Spectra 701, MRD 1

A Few Jokes

Reading Buses Customer: "Can I have a return ticket please?"
Polite Reading Buses Driver: "Where to please?"
Reading Buses Customer: "Back here of course, you fool".

"Does this bus go to Royal Berks?" asked one Reading Buses Customer "Only when its not feeling well" came the reply.

"Does this bus go to Reading University." asked a Reading Buses Customer. "No sir it's not clever enough" was the answer.

A customer who was slightly late in rising from her seat said to the driver, "I wanted that stop." As he had not yet done his customer care training he replied " I'm sorry madam, the company don't sell them".

If you would like any further information about this company, please contact me and I will be happy to help if I can.