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October 2011

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Bus & Coach Live 2011


The Bus & Coach show got underway at the NEC in Birmingham today, this year being the smaller "Live" event. Despite the ongoing economic gloom, both Optare and MAN had new vehicles on display, with other big names such as Alexander Dennis, Volvo and Wrightbus also being present as usual.

Tempo SR on 5 October 2011

The new Optare Tempo SR in a new livery for TrentBarton.

MAN Ecocity on 5 October 2011

The MAN Ecocity, which is CNG powered and Euro 6 ready.

Meanwhile an older Alexander Dennis Demonstrator SN59 AWV has this week moved from Stagecoach in Oxfordshire to Thames Travel.

SN59 AWV on 5 October 2011

At Reading Station today. Thanks to Ant Poulton for this photo.

Purple 17s On the Road


Reading Buses Purple 17 went on the road today, following the introduction of the increased Claret Routes and reorganised Pink Routes on Monday 26th. There appeared to be considerable interest in the new vehicles around the town today, helped by record breaking temperatures despite the autumnal backdrop.

226 on 1 October 2011

226 at the Whitehouse (aka the Victoria).

230 on 1 October 2011

230 passing Church End Lane on Norcot Hill. Thanks to Keith Pauline for this photo.

Monday 26th saw the full fleet of Claret Routes hybrids in service with full branding and University of Reading logos to promote the new combined 7-8 minute frequency. At the same time the Pink Routes were reorganised to provide higher frequencies to Caversham Park and Hemdean Road, but reduced frequencies to Caversham Heights and parts of Emmer Green. The bus stops on Friar Street have been reorganised to allow the 2, 22, 23 & 24 to return to their previous stops outside Sainsbury's and the 17 to its previous stop outside the Hotels, with the 11 moving along a stop to Subway.

213 on 26 September 2011

213 at Reading Station on 26th.

1106 & 1107 on 26 September 2011

1106 and 1107 demonstrate newly programmed pink displays for the Pink Routes on 26th.

The latest Enviro400Hs now make up about one third of the Reading double deck fleet electric hybrid powered. Meanwhile demonstrator SN59 AWW made a return to Reading on the football 79s today on loan from Alexander Dennis to Weavaway.

SN59 AWW on 1 October 2011

SN59 AWW at Reading Station. The 79 was departing from the opposite side of the hill today due to roadworks on the other side.

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