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May 2011

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New Routes in Lower Earley and Woodley


Reading Buses introduced a network of improved routes in Lower Earley and Woodley this morning in conjunction with Wokingham District Council. The changes also mark the start of a revamp of frequencies from the Town Centre to Reading University reflecting the University's ongoing work to develop its main Whiteknights Campus in the coming months.

817 on 23 May 2011

817 loading in Butter Market on new route 20A.

New route 20A replaces the temporary 22A route introduced following the Town Centre reorganisation last month, and restores a 30 minute frequency along Silverdale Road during the off peak. After the summer routes 20, 20A and 21 will combine to provide a 7-8 minute frequency to the University in place of the current 10 minute service, whilst the summer timetable introduced from today runs every 10 minutes instead of every 15. The next batch of new Enviro 400Hs are expected to enter service on the 20/20A/21 after the summer as well.

850 on 23 May 2011

850 and 851 in Blagrave Street on routes 13 and 14.

In Woodley Reading Buses have added the unique sections of Wokingham District Council subsidised Woodley Airfield route 12 into their routes 13 and 14, and introduced evening and Sunday services on both routes in place of the confusing 13A circular. The revised 13 and 14 also allow many more local journey opportunities within Woodley, all for a new £1 fare, which has allowed community link route 19 to be extended from Woodley to Lower Earley instead of a confusing double loop around Woodley. The 19 will also provide the service to Addington Road in place of the 22A, omitting the University's main Whiteknights Campus in the process. To retain a link from Whiteknights Campus to Bulmershe Campus a temporary "Campus Link" service is being provided until early July when academic activities at Bulmershe will cease.

124 on 23 May 2011

124 arriving at Bulmershe Campus for a departure to Whiteknights this afternoon. The Campus Link service is displayed on the real time system as route 'CL'.

Reading Buses "Try the Bus" Campaign


Reading Buses launched a new campaign on 9th May to capitalise on current high fuel prices and encourage people to try the bus. The new campaign is aimed at people who arenít currently customers or those who used to use the bus, but donít now. The campaign features a whole range of publicity measures including a dedicated mini website at, adverts on buses, billboard adverts (one at ASDA Honey End Lane, and one on Oxford Road), smaller sheet adverts along Tilehurst Road, adverts on the screens in the Oracle, adverts on petrol pumps and leaflet door drops.

A significant number of vehicles have appeared with these adverts, but with a specific focus on the route 33 branded vehicles.

855 on 23 May 2011

855 with an offside advert today. It also retains remnants of its former pop art advert scheme below the lower deck.

857 on 21 May 2011

857 displaying nearside and rear adverts on 21st May.

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