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April 2014

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Reading Xpress X1 Commences


In a move that reflects Reading's continuing success as a retail destination, Saturday 19th saw the first day of First Berkshire's new Saturday-only "Reading Xpress" service X1 from the South Bracknell Estates to Reading via the A329(M). Two vehicles provide an hourly service with a break at lunchtime, with the first day featuring 33153 and 33180. Promotional fares are available until the end of August with a 5 day ticket available to anybody and reduced single and return fares for First's Bracknell area Week and Month ticket holders.

33180 on 19 April 2014

33180 at St Marys Butts on 19th.

33153 on 19 April 2014

33153 at Cemetery Junction on 19th.

64012 on 19 April 2014

Two Beeline branded Citaros were deputising for Tridents on the 190, 64012 seen here at St Mary's Butts.

The last time the X1 number was used in Reading was for Reading Transport's Goldline X1 Reading - London service until it was rebranded The London Line in the 1990s.

Reading on Diversion


This week has seen a number of diversions kick in affecting the Reading Buses network.

Since 7th, the junction across Whitley Street from Crown Street to Pell Street has had a restricted width in place between 0930 and 1530 to allow work on a nearby building, with buses on route 11 diverted via the IDR, Coley Avenue and Berkeley Avenue on journeys towards Coley Park. Work is expected to last until 11th.

418 on 9 April 2014

418 travelling along Coley Avenue today.

Forbury Road had a lane closed from 6th for work in connection with the rebuilding of Aldwych House, meaning buses on routes 2, 2A, 18, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28 and 29 have been picking up at Station Road stop EE instead of Forbury Road stop EL, with drop-offs relocated from stop EN to Blagrave Street stop EO, and Thames Valley Park to Blagrave Street stop EQ. Work is expected to continue until 13th.

1104 on 9 April 2014

1104 in Station Road today.

Russell Street was closed for Water Main repairs at 0930 on 8th with buses on routes 1, 2, 2A, 26, 33 diverted down Castle Hill to St Mary's Butts. The work was only expected to last a day, but further leaks have been found, extending the closure for a period still to be determined.

431 on 9 April 2014

431 at St Mary's Butts today.

The London Road contra-flow bus lane was closed on 7th for work in connection with a London Road cycleway with buses on routes 20, 20A and 21 diverted using Silver Street and Whitley Street instead of Kendrick Hill, with work expected to last until 17th. Glendevon Road in Woodley was closed on 8th for resurfacing, with route 13 diverted via Church Way until completion expected sometime on 11th. Next week sees a three day closure of the Gweal Avenue bus gate in Kennet Island.

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