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April 2006

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Preview of the Next New Solars


The first of the next ten Wright Solars are due to commence delivery next week, and prior to this Wrightbus took the opportunity to exhibit 1024 at the Irish Transport Trust's annual Bus and Coach Rally today. The vehicle was one of three vehicles entered by Wrightbus in the rally.

1024^ on 22 April 2006 (66313 bytes)

1024 seen arriving at the rally, 1024 is one of four that are expected to be delivered in light blue for route 37. Thanks to David Allen for this photo.

1024 on 22 April 2006 (54348 bytes)

The rear profile. The route branding and silver sections are applied to all 'quality' livery vehicles once they reach Reading. Thanks to David Allen for this photo.

1024 on 22 April 2006 (76706 bytes)

1024 was parked between two other new Wrightbus bodied vehicles, a tri-axle Eclipse Gemini for Hong Kong and an ordinary Eclipse Gemini for First. Thanks to David Allen for this photo.

David Allen, who attended the rally, remarks that the light blue seemed to be the exact same shade that is now being used by Ulsterbus on new Volvo B7TL's, Optare Solos and Wrightbus bodied Scanias. Photos of these and the other vehicles which attended that rally can be found at his Fotopic website "Interchange" at

New Vehicles in Action


The first of Reading's new batch of Scania OmniDekkas entered service today on routes 25 and 26 in a new light pink version of the quality travel livery. This latest batch of vehicles feature Hanover colour LED destination displays on the front which allow the route number to be displayed in the route branded colour and the destination in the more customary orange.

820 on 4 April 2006 (95065 bytes)

Looking extremely smart, 820 picks up opposite the Station at 7.25 this morning.

820 & 802 on 4 April 2006 (65872 bytes)

820 stands next to 802 for comparison.

819 on 4 April 2006 (35688 bytes)

This photo of 819 taken by Katie Turner at 10.15 this morning shows the new LED display, and also the READI-id notices that have appeared across the fleet ready 24th April when children over 11 will be required to have a READI-id smart card in order to qualify for child fares. Thanks to Katie Turner for this photo.

Meanwhile 3rd April saw Weavaway Travel take over routes 46/48/60 from Thamesdown Transport in the Marlborough and Swindon area. Three Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipses have arrived to operate these services.

RX06 WPT in April 2006 (74860 bytes)

RX06 WPT on route 48 in Marlborough High Street yesterday. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this photo.

1st April saw several service changes take place in Slough. Associated with this, the two Volvo Olympians in First corporate livery 34274/5 have been transferred from Bracknell to Slough to operate route 74 (in exchange for 42415/6 for route 194). Adverts promoting a new offer of cheaper monthly tickets on route 74 have been applied to the vehicles in an effort to promote regular travel.

34274 & 34275 in April 2006 (49084 bytes)

34274/5 posed for a photograph a few days ago. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this photo.

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