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March 2008

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Turnham's Farm - Old and New


The classic London Bus Society paid a visit to Reading today for a special a tour around the Great Knollys Street depot, followed by the re-creation of Reading Mainline Line A using former No.15. The party was expecting to arrive in Reading onboard RMA58 from the Ensignbus fleet, but after breaking down en-route actually ended up arriving onboard Ensignbus RM54 - which was the last Routemaster in normal TfL service.

No.15 on 30 March 2008

There were plenty of photo stops along the way, with the blinds set to appropriate destinations. Here No.15 stops at Community Centre, which as well as being on Line A was the terminus of Line B.

No.15 on 30 March 2008

No.15 at the Turnham's Farm terminus.

Meanwhile, the first dark blue Olympuses have now been in service for 2-3 weeks, with more due to join them any day now. These are branded for route 33/35 to Turnham's Farm (although the terminus arrangement on the 33/35 is different to Line A).

856 on 30 March 2008

856 on Sunday route 35 to Turnham's Farm today.

Dark Blue Olympus Preview


The first of the Dark Blue Olympuses, 856 has now entered service on route 33 ahead of some of the earlier examples in the batch. Meanwhile four, probably the remaining orange 852-4 and dark blue 855 were all expected to arrive by the end of this week. This second half of the batch have Esteban seats following the collapse of MTB who were responsible for manufacturing the seats on the first half.

855 on 8 March 2008

855 at East Lancs this morning, pending delivery. Thanks to "Bunny" for this photo.

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