Other Warwickshire Operators


This page contains photos of some of the fleets that operated smaller scale services in or around Coventry, Leamington Spa and Warwick University in 2000-2003, but aren't featured elsewhere on this site.

Arriva Logo (13147 bytes)

serving the Fox County

JL 2159 on 27 June 2001 (26685 bytes)

This is Leyland National Greenway JL 2159 on 27th June 2001. It still wears Urban Fox livery rather than Arriva corporate colours.

V608 DBC on 4 January 2002 (20108 bytes)

This is Alexander ALX300 V608 DBC loading at Coventry Pool Meadow bus station on 4th January 2002.

P406DUG on 14 June 2001 (25122 bytes)

This is P406 DUG entering Coventry Pool Meadow bus station on 14th June 2001. It is a Plaxton Paramount 3500.

Y702 XJF on 23 September 2001 (22492 bytes)

This is East Lancs bodied DAF250LF registration number Y702 XJF on display at the Showbus rally on 23rd September 2001.

Avon Valley Travel

A17 AVT on 19 January 2003 (33418 bytes)

Often to be seen on rail replacement work at Leamington Spa Station is A17 AVT, seen here on 19th January 2003.

Harry Shaw

W681 JOG on 24 October 2001 (25870 bytes)

Mercedes-Benz W681 JOG at Warwick University on 24th October 2001. Harry Shaw are often used by the University and the Student's Union when they need to hire a coach.

R72 VVP on 27 June 2001 (31192 bytes)

This is VanHool T9 Alizee R72 VVP on 27th June 2001 at Warwick University.

Contact Details:

H Shaw (Dairyman) Ltd,
Mill House,
Mill Lane,
CV3 2DU.

Pete's Travel

This company was taken over by Go-Ahead on 21st March 2006, at which point it was consolidated with another acquired operator Diamond Bus. The consolidated "Diamond" operation was sold to Rotala in March 2008.

P207 PVM on 25 November 2001 (24141 bytes)

Mercedes Benz Vario / Plaxton Beaver 2 P207 PWM at the University of Warwick on 25th October 2001, the fourth day of Pete's expansion into Coventry.

T466 HNH on 22 October 2001 (23561 bytes)

Dennis Dart / Plaxton Pointer 2 T466 HNH at the University of Warwick on 22nd October 2001.

V941 DNB on 6 January 2002 (24294 bytes)

Dennis Dart / Plaxton Pointer 2 V941 DNB opposite the Parish Church in Leamington Spa on Sunday 6th January 2002.

PO51 WNK on 23 September 2001 (37094 bytes)

Former Dennis Trident / Plaxton President PO51 WNK being exhibited at the Showbus rally, Duxford on 23 September 2001. This vehicle was to become Reading Buses 474.

School Links

From September 2003 Warwickshire County Council started operation of certain schools services under their own steam. Hence their contracted Countylinks and CHAT brands were extended to create School Links, using a fleet of brand new Plaxton Paragon coaches.

YN53 EHV 15 December 2003 (54773 bytes)

YN53 EHV is seen laying over in Leamington Spa having finished its morning run on 15th December 2003. Similar YN03 EOP is behind.

Stratford Blue (Ensign Bus / City Sightseeing)

The Stratford Blue name has had a long association with local bus operations in Stratford. The most recent incarnation started after Stagecoach withdrew a number of services in the town in the early 1990s, and Guide Friday, the local tour bus operator decided to help out with some replacements. Stratford and later Cambridge became the only two places where Guide Friday ever operated local bus services. Guide Friday were taken over by City Sightseeing in May 2002 and the decision was made to rebrand their local bus services under the Stratford Blue name. The livery used was that of City Sightseeing's parent company Ensign bus, fittingly it being blue and silver. The Cambridge operation was similarly called Cambridge Blue. Both operations were sold to Stagecoach from 1st February 2007.

612 on 11 December 2001 (23890 bytes)

Optare MetroRider Mk 1 J612 SJB seen in Stratford on 11th December 2001 before it was repainted in Stratford Blue livery. This bus is former Reading Buses 612.

KPJ 241W on 11 December 2001 (23307 bytes)

One of Guide Friday's open top tour buses KPJ 241W pictured in Stratford on 11th December 2001.

National Express Logo

P251 AUT on 8 October 2001 (20880 bytes)

P251 AUT at Coventry Pool Meadow bus station on 8th October 2001.

X823 HNE on 8 October 2001 (21649 bytes)

National Express Jetlink liveried coaches operate services between airports. This is X823 HNE at Coventry Pool Meadow bus station on 8th October 2001.